Oststeirisches Kernland

Baking apple strudel with Mia

Apples grown in traditional grassland orchards in the Pöllauertal Nature Park serve as the basis for a sweet, homemade “strudel dream” – a flaky apple pie.
Your experience:
Mia Heil is the hostess at the Öllerbauer farm in Rabenwald. Well-skilled and with the best ingredients, she guides her guests in discovering a culinary treasure as they bake together with her apple strudel or apple pie according to old traditional recipes. Together with the whole family you will enjoy the outcome of your work.
Your hosts:
The extended family lives at the Öllerbauer farm in the midst of the Pöllauertal Nature Park. Together with the grandparents and children they manage the farm in harmony with nature, surrounded by their own meadows, fields and grassland orchards. Besides conventional products, they manufacture many delicacies on the farm, such as traditional whole grain bread, desserts, juices, jams, fine brandy and vinegar.
Hans and Mia Heil speak only German, but translation in English is available if needed.
From August till May prior to appointment on the day before till 1 p.m. at the latest.
At the Öllerbauer farm in the baking room.
45.00 euros/person (min. 3, max. 8 persons)
Maria Heil
Rabenwald 97
8225 Pöllau
Phone: 03335/2850
E-mail: office@oellerbauer.at