Oststeirisches Kernland

Savouring the home of the ”Hirschbirne” – the autumn pear

Soft hills, meadows, fields and woods, rich culture and the unique character of the historical village centre –just some of the features of the valley surrounding Pöllau.
Not surprisingly, the region was honoured with the titel “Nature Park” already 30 years ago – the landscape is truly outstanding.
Enjoying a special connection with the history of the valley, the “Hirschbirne” or autumn pear has been grown here in traditional grassland orchards for hundreds of years.
Your experience:
Together with the farmer Luis Pöltl, you will learn how to take care of the cultivated landscapes and especially of the “Hirschbirn” trees – how to raise the trees and to harvest the fruit. You help with the making of juice and cider, with distilling schnapps as well as with marketing the products. You can even go with the family to the market and help sell the goods.
On the farm are two beautiful holiday apartments you can rent.
Your hosts:
Luis and Waltraud have been working their farm for more than 30 years. Their passion is to maintain the cultivated landscape of the valley – especially the traditional grassland orchards. Luis’ ”favourite child” is the ”Hirschbirn” tree, which can reach an age of 200 years. Luis also founded the farmers’ cooperative shop in Pöllau, which has meanwhile become famous.
Prior to appointment – whenever there is work to do.
At the farm of the Pöltl family
50.00 euro/person for a half day (approx. 4 hours)
Familie Pöltl
Schönau 45
8225 Pöllau
phone: 0664 3045686
e-mail: a.poeltl@aon.at