Oststeirisches Kernland

Sour with a smile

In order to produce natural vinegar, many steps are needed. You can experience each, and get new insights into interesting ways of producing valuable “real food”.
Your experience:
Not many people are allowed to look behind the scenes at the Oswald/Schaffer vinegar makers. During a short intensive workshop you experience day to day life and work alongside the family. A guided tour shows you everything you ever wanted to know about the surroundings, the fruits and herbs and the history of this beautiful place, located in the Almenland region.
Depending on the season, you work with the proprietors in any one of these fields: analysing, producing, bottling, labelling. In spring and summer you can assist them in the garden, planting herbs, weeding, harvesting herbs, blossoms or berries. In autumn you harvest and process apples, pears, plums, nuts and other produce.
During the day you can also help prepare lunch or a hearty snack. Together with the family, you will enjoy yourself as you gather experience in a relaxed atmosphere.
Your hosts:
Beate, the daughter of the house, is a trained nurse and she is at her best while managing everything in and around the house.
Thomas, Beate’s strong shoulder to lean on, has a PhD in chemistry and a masters in physics and is the specialist for producing the exquisite vinegars.
Hilda and Franz, the owners of the farm and Beate’s parents, are wholehearted farmers who thrive on breeding cattle and producing milk. Their knowledge and long experience keep the farm running.
At the Oswald/Schaffer Vinegar Makers – Essigmanufaktur

Prior to reservation at any time

48.00 euro/person (maximum 4 persons) for half a day. The price includes 2 bottles of special vinegar.
Dr. Thomas Schaffer and Beate Oswald
Essigmanufaktur Oswald/Schaffer
Rossegg 27
8191 Koglhof
Phone: +43 (0) 680 126 2001